Sunday, December 12, 2010

Basket Case

I picked up an absolute bargain at a monthly fair in Wagga Wagga a couple of weekends ago: I've been looking for something I can use for a sewing box for darling daughter but didn't want to spend big money on it. This was a huge $4!

This tray insert, designed to be big enough for things like scissors, tape, pins etc., is made simply from cardboard and glue and will be covered with papier mache and then painted. Pictures in due course...


  1. Very nice! I have a basket just like it in the cellar somewhere - along with the old sewing box I was given as a kid which (although it looks lovely) is so impractical that I've ditched it in favour of one of A's old plastic toolboxes ... not pretty but functional! I'm sure E will love her sewing basket.

  2. How clever! I'm looking here at my knitting basket now with new eyes. That's such a great idea for a gift for a girl...or heck, a woman. I'd love to have a nice sewing basket. I'll be anxious to see how you finish it off. jan

  3. Merry Christmas to you, dear Sara. I thought of you this week as the U.K. was buried under so much snow. I'm wondering if you are missing a beautiful white Christmas or reveling in a warm summer one. Here's to you and your's for a lovely holiday season. jan