Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hi, it's Little Bird again! I made a pencil case - isn't it cool? It is for all my Lira pencils; handy but cute.

(Rhubarb here!) This is our first attempt at a bag, and we got the pattern from the latest Spotlight quarterly magazine. I had to read and re-read the pattern instructions because I didn't "get" it at first! You make up each side, then quilt and top stitch it, then sew in the zip along the top edge. Then you stitch the lining pieces along the same line of stitching for the zip, making a very neat closure. Then you stitch together the quilted pieces (right sides together), including a handle along the seam line, and mitre the corners. Then you stitch the lining pieces together - leaving a gap so you can turn it all the right way in - and mitre the corners. Finally you turn it all in, push the lining into the bag, hand stitch the mitred corners together through the gap and finally sew up the gap! Et voila. And because it's going to school we also stitched a name tag into the lining.

See ya!

Little Bird

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Box making workshop

I enjoyed the company of my daughter and a friend's two girls the other day and we decided to make boxes. Darling daughter decided to make a case to hold the CDs she got for Christmas and her birthday; Amisha made a very swish bed for Fili, her toy elephant, complete with sleigh-bed sides and a lid, and Luana made a box to match the coptic-bound travel journal she made with me last year: the book is so full of tickets, notes and other ephemera that it doesn't properly close so this box is for the book and the collection!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Cat Bag

Hi everyone it's Little Bird again. I have made a Cat Bag!

Do you like it? It's easy and fun to make! In the pattern it was fleece but we used fluffy chocolate brown fabric. And I did almost everything on the sewing machine except the eyes, mouth and the ribbon. The stitch on the sewing machine was zig zag. And I used straight stitch for the mouth & ribbon.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Owls and cushions!

Hello! Little Bird here - this is my first blog post. I made these last week from a great book I got for Christmas. The owl's name is Owlie. And the cushion I made for my room!