Monday, October 25, 2010


So what is Rhubarb & Ella all about? Apart from the Rhubarb and the Ella, I mean. Well I suppose THIS is the place where I want to write about things I make and sell. I haven't mentioned the selling bit yet, mainly because I haven't managed how to work out PayPal yet, but all of this is moving towards the unveiling of the Rhubarb & Ella Etsy shop. Never heard of Etsy? It's a shopfront for all things handmade and is fantastic!

This is the first sketchbook I've made for my Etsy shop: 96 sides of beautiful heavy-weight etching paper, suitable for most drawing processes and some watercolour too, hard bound in bookboard lined with blue and silver hand-marbled Italian paper and covered with two-tone black/white bookcloth. Three small, smooth pebbles are held into the front cover with silver wire.

It's one of a series of books, all the same size, all with inclusions in the front covers: moire rose-covered bookcloth with a hand-blown Venetian glass bead; imperial purple bookcloth with a lovely pebble shot through with a narrow ridge of quartz; and eggshell blue moire bookcloth with three pieces of sea-glass held in with woven silver wires.

More to come soon...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Waking up

Hello! Who are you? I'm Rhubarb, the crafty alter-ego of Sara, an artist and maker living in a sub-tropical paradise on the east coast of Australia. So who is Ella? Ahhh! Ella is a small friend who helps (most of the time), grumbles (some of the time) and comes up with interesting ideas which I attempt to bring into being.

Rhubarb & Ella is an adventure, a journal, a workshop diary and a To Do list all rolled into one. I can guarantee that jam-making, recipes, crafty making things, patterns, books, music and silliness will all put in an appearance from time to time, along with the occasional rant!

I do hope you'll drop in for a cup of tea and a chat: I'll try to be a bit more regular in my posting than I manage on my other blogs. No promises, mind you but I will try. Meanwhile you are very welcome to keep me company, post your comments, and investigate the links and photos in my posts and on the sidebars. I look forward to being properly introduced to you soon,