Monday, December 27, 2010

Basket case - the sequel

I managed to finish this in time for Christmas... just.

The inner tray was glued, dried, covered in two layers of newspaper and wallpaper paste, two layers of acrylic gesso then two coats of white paint followed by two coats of colour! This time a pale apple green made (from memory) by adding phthalo blue and a spot of emeral green to a lot of white paint and then mixing hard. Once it had dried I painted on little chintzy flowers all over - trying to get a patterned effect without any consistent pattern!

Finally the whole thing was filled with haberdashery, tied up with a matching ribbon and wrapped. And I'm pleased to report that darling daughter loves it and is now debating what she can make with her new treasures.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Basket Case

I picked up an absolute bargain at a monthly fair in Wagga Wagga a couple of weekends ago: I've been looking for something I can use for a sewing box for darling daughter but didn't want to spend big money on it. This was a huge $4!

This tray insert, designed to be big enough for things like scissors, tape, pins etc., is made simply from cardboard and glue and will be covered with papier mache and then painted. Pictures in due course...