Friday, February 3, 2012


New fabric from Bloom Fabrics! I was looking for needlecord to do a dressmaking project with Little Bird (we're making a skirt! Very exciting), and stumbled across Kerrie's website. She stocks a number of beautiful European and Japanese fabrics as well as the German Farbenmix ribbons. Well, as you can see, I was completely seduced and spent a reasonable sum on several short lengths for making bookcloth as well as the corduroy for Little Bird's skirt, some Farbenmix ribbon, and a little something for making summer P-Js.

From the top: two photographs of the lovely fabric for making bookcloth (would also be great for making bags and accessories), a photo of the lovely pink/red printed needlecord which will make a fabulous short kick-pleated skirt, and a photo of the cotton bird print that's going to make the P-Js.

Lucky for me, Kerrie's moving her business up this way soon so I'll get to meet her and see her showroom full of lovely material!

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